Lower-case STACK like font from circa 1974


Horribly small sample, but a 3D lined font, very similar to Letraset's STACK, but in lowercase. Would have been from circa 1973 or 1974.


I'm reasonably cetain that it's a Photo-Lettering face, but I can't tell you the name...

Nick is right. It is called "Oprescu Prisma", and it is shown in Vol. 3 of the Photo-Lettering "Alphabet Thesaurus" printed in 1971.

- Mike Yanega

Alphabet Thesaurus: A Treasury of Letter Designs, Volume 3, Photo-lettering, Inc., New York
Editor Edward Rondthaler
Photo-lettering, Inc., New York,
Publisher Reinhold Pub. Corp., 1971
740 pages
Google check shows a used copy is currently available for "only" US$350!

Thanks guys! About what I was afraid of :) $350seems like a bargain Don. I'll make a point of checking that out MUCH later.