Sans-serif Typeface

Walkway Black
Solved by: 
Dick Pape


I have been trying to identify this for a while now but I am no typeface expert...please help!

This wide sans with closed counters and an unspurred G eliminates all the usual suspects such as Blair, Burin, Sweet, Trio, Engraver's Gothic, Sackers etc.
I found a few with matching letter-forms for S and G. Stawix Ruecha's Soin Sans but it would need to be stretched a bit and the counter on C is not open enough. Svetoslav Simov's Intro and Code Pro Same problems.
Still looking. If it is an unmodified font it's perhaps from one of the foundries that do not use Myfonts: Lineto, Klim, Commercial Type etc.

Thanks...I have been continuing my search as well but still no luck.

Wow, another great catch Dick!

Congratulations Dick, I do believe you have it!

That is 100% the same typeface. Thanks so much! I have no idea how you found that but thanks!

(Job is easier when Don does an analysis of the design ...)

Thank you Dick. I always wonder if including this sort of analysis is overkill.