Miles Davis - “Tutu”

Why Square
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Les O'Neill

Would be very grateful if someone could identify the font.


Why Square from Linotype


Actually, Linotype’s site says “Designed by Zoran Kostic in 2004” and that album art is the original version from 1986.

Perhaps you could ask the co-designer of the album cover, Susan Welt.

With an ultra simplified design like this and only 8 letters of the alphabet, I can see this as being a case of independent development of a similar alphabet in 1986 or earlier [for the album cover] and in 2004 [as Why Square]. Among the differences in the two sets of 8 letters, I note that 1986 has shorter ascenders, the lower terminals on _e_ and _s_ of 1986 are double the length of 2004, the 1986 _a_ upper stroke includes a vertical drop terminal ....