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It seems to me that Hebrew is the most geometric font in the world, followed by Latin. How so?
(1) Well, we know that Aleph is composed of two Yuds - one high and one low. If we join them using a horizontal
rather than a diagonal we get a wind handle. Then reversing we get Lamed. I.e. Lamed=-Aleph
Similarly, (2) Daled is not really a door but a detonation handle - hence Delet=hole in wall="Delete". I.e. the hole in the concept of Daled is not in the innards of the letter

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I assume by "geometric" you mean constructed, and by "font" you mean writing system.

1) How many writing systems have you studied?

2) What are the pros/cons of a writing system being constructed?

In my view Hebrew is a writing system naturally inclined towards large, bold display setting, but less inclined towards setting for immersive reading. And it's interesting that its sister, Arabic, is the other way around.


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