Three more fonts from the wall of a tyre


If any one could help me out it could save me a lot of illustrator work :-)

Thank you


COMBI ROAD: Demonized
GSR 225: a post-treated (manually slanted, outlined and striped) Helvetica Neue should do the job

That's fantastic thank you Ryuk. "Demonized" is spot on.

I would like to buy the Helvetica Neue Font but it's expensive so I would prefer to buy it in a weight that I could use for other projects. Do you have any idea which would be a good beginners/all rounders weight that I could probably push to the weight on the tyre using illustrator without it looking too strange (I'm new to this)?

Thank you

To me, the 2 best styles are Helvetica Neue Light and Helvetica Neue Bold which I believe are also considered by many as the most iconic and well designed styles of Helvetica Neue.
Adobe version is cheaper too. You could also have a look to Helvetica clones: URW++ Nimbus Sans, Paratype Pragmatica, Scangraphic Europa Grotesk, Bitstream Swiss 721
And finally, if you couldn't afford any of them, you could fall to the lure of the Dark Side of the Force and go with Arial (Bold or Black) which comes free with Windows, mainly reworking terminals and making them horizontal.

CHAMPIRO UHP1: it mixes influences of Handel Gothic (Bitstream version) and Eurostile Extended/Microgramma; the main difference with Hande Gothic is the large flat head /A (which could easily be reconstructed); also pretty convinced it could be decently approximate with some techy freebie; try having a look to http://Techno > Sci-fi, http://Techno > Various and http://Basic > Sans serif DaFont sections; some alternatives I came across: Snasm, Simian Chimpanzee, Venus Rising, Astera, Xolonium, Vandiana...

Hi Ryuk,

Thanks so much for the help, I wouldn't have even known where to begin to start looking! I bought the Helvetica Neue Bold so I'm sure that will get some use in the future. As for the Champiro font I didn't fancy buying one as I doubt I will use it much and will probably be just as hard to manipulate as a free one. Am going with Vandiana as hopefully that will get me most of the way :-)