Der Sturm magazine font

De Vinne or a variation
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The uploaded images: masthead/nameplate of Der Sturm magazine and a sample first page with some text (I can upload a better quality sample, because this one may be too small).

I am writing a paper about avant-garde publications and cannot find a perfect match for the typefaces used - the masthead and text typeface is a priority right now. It could be a recut of a more commonly used typeface ... anyways I would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

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2nd one is very "Romana" which is actually very close to De Vinne. Some more digitizations and reinterpretations of De Vinne:

At first glance it seems very close. Since the font design is pre-20th century, there is a high possibility it was DeVinne or a variation of it.

Update: after researching a bit, I am even more conviced it is De Vinne, since Gustav Schroeder was born in Berlin (even though he worked in the USA while designing De Vinne), where Der Sturm was published, and the typeface was really popular at the end of the 19th century, which was "the look" Der Sturm was going for at the beggining of its' publication in 1910 (a regular newspaper, rather than a "glossy" art magazine).

Thank you very much, Ryuk.