Grotesque-Inspired Typeface


Any guess on the type combination being used for this Urs Hofmann booklet by Johnson / Kingston? This is the largest image I could find, but any ideas on the sans and serif being used would be super great.

Thanks in advance!


I don't know if this is a font or artwork. It's a mash-up of features from Helvetica -- the closed counter _S_, and Franklin Gothic -- the angled spur on G and the straight leg on R. The heavy weight letters are forced into the Procrustean bed of a perfect square and displayed in a monospace grid. Whether font or artwork the effect is to suggest that the Protestant milieu in Basel was regimented and oppressive. At least for this subset of letters, the design is effective for condemning authority. But when you place a heavy W or M into this format it disappears into a box of black.

Thank you, Don for your notes — very insightful and helpful. The closest I could find was Bureau Grot which are close to some letters, "C", "S" ,"G".

Unknown to me as well. Designed by Johnson / Kingston, a Swiss design agency which is using a custom typeface for their own website... That could give credit to the a bespoke type as well... Reminds me of Brezel Grotesque by Milieu Grotesque, another Swiss design company.

Thanks guys for your insight. Even if a bespoke type always great to see where it may have stemmed from.

Hi Buddy, I think you found the most likely base
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The closest I could find was Bureau Grot which are close to some letters, "C", "S" ,"G".
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Using Bureau Grot Bold, straighten the leg on the R, do minor adjustments to most letters and fit them into the square format and you should have it. W and M are going to be very closed and almost solid black boxes, but if you edit to ensure at least narrow open wedges in the right places, they would still be recognizable.