Raleway font - I'm not sure it's hinted for screen?

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For a project I'm using Raleway through Google Fonts as a good alternative for Gotham. When I put some headers in a light weight, I get the feeling there's a bit of "warping" going on, so I guess there's no screen hinting apparent. First of all, I thought every Google font was a webfont, and thus adjusted for that particular use... but is that true? Or is it just about .woff-files that are not neccesarily hinted for screen usage?

Anyhow, I altered the Raleway font through Glyphs to change the weird-looking W and w to its alternative neighbors (changing ASCII-codes and removing the standard ones). This was done with ttf-files, which I downloaded straight from the Google Fonts website. So I'm not sure whether there's a difference in the file types you download and those that are used directly via CSS.

Thanks in advance!

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In general the cheaper a font the poorer its hinting...


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Why don't you ask Pablo Impallari, he is quite active in this forum.

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Hi Laurens.

If you modify a TrueType font, most often the hints are lost. It sounds like that might be what happened in your case. From what I’ve read, Google Fonts usually use autohinting. It should be no problem running your font through an autohinter again after the modifications.

Ol’ geezers like myself prefer manual hinting, but it takes time and cost money if you have to pay someone for that time.

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