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New release: Show


we would like to introduce you Show, a multi-layered chromatic font family based on an old Victorian style wood type.

Show designers Inés Atienza and Juanjo López are members of the Familia Plómez association, a small printshop based in Madrid that devote their efforts to promote everything about letterpress printing, calligraphy, and lettering. One of our favorite typefaces from our collection of wood types has been the basis for creating a new digital typeface.

Chromatic type is printed from multiple pieces of type, each with a different ink; each color is the result of the sheet of paper making a separate pass through the press. These chromatic types were designed to register as much as possible, repeating only a part of the design and allowing the user to even create colors by mixing superimposed parts.

Show has an extended character set to support Central & Eastern European as well as Western European languages. It includes monetary symbols and complete punctuation. As the original font lacked a lowercase, we have replaced them with small caps, which can be used either in conjunction with the caps or independently.

Show has thirteen styles, and its price is 40 euros, but you can get a 50% discount in our website sharing on Twitter.

Also, we have done a letterpress run of 50 postcards for the first 50 buyers using the original Concave combined with lead type.

Thanks for your attention!

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Very nice, well done!!

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Nice work!