italic with simple decorated capitals created in or before 1989

Abel Cursive (kursiv)
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Michael Yanega

Trying so hard to find this font, which was on my wedding invitation in 1989. Driving me nuts! Please help.


This style is usually called chancery. Might not be a digital version of this typeface. For substitutes available at Myfonts see

I cannot find that 'font', but it is a chancery style. Some similar styles without the ornaments on the initials would be Ophelia, Augusta Cancellaresca and Bradley Chancery (all at MyFonts).

- Mike Yanega

A few more Agedage Cancelleresca Aphrodite and Apple Chancery [popular for wedding invitations] and similar as well as the Cancellaresca rag at Myfonts
If you feel like browsing further just Google "fonts chancery" and scan through the images.
All these fonts and no exact match.

I found this in a German book of Script types published in 1993. It is called Abel kursiv. If this is in digital form I have not found it by this name. The book lists Agfa as the source, but it's not in the 1999 Creative Alliance book.

- Mike Yanega

Luc Devrouye's designer page lists the designer of "Abel Cursive" as Bernie Abel and says it was a Compugraphic font in 1974. I think that means it was a film type. Apparently, not digitized.

- Mike Yanega

Abel Cursive is shown on this designer page on Luc's site. What a fantastic resource he is!

- Mike Yanega

I know that it was digitized as Abel Cursive Plain, Solid and Open Caps by Alan Prescott in 1996. Finding copies today? I had no luck.

Good find Mike Y! I wonder if this and is the same Alan Prescott and if he can tell us anything about availability of the font?