Cruzan Rum



Please help me find out what font this is in...thank you!

A 19th century serif style called Detroit or mansard. The lowercase of Outstanding by "bobistheowl" is in the ballpark for CRUZAN
More info by Luc Devroye
Outstanding is based on Big Vintage Letters by Big Letters Org With some digging it might be possible to find the original 19th century source.
Note that the Outstanding font has awkward sizing. Resize the glyphs to about 40% and they work much better.
Relatively minor editing of Outstanding could produce a pretty close facsimile of CRUZAN.

A vector outline of the Cruzan logo is available at
I am offering this link for educational purposes only. Note that there will be legal consequences if you misuse a proprietary logo.

Found the 19th century source of the letters used to make Outstanding. It's _Cameo_, patented in 1874 and sold by Mackellar Simiths & Jordan. There is also a digital version by "Character" at abfonts
Open the page, follow the link in the third paragraph to _list of all fonts_, page down to _CameoAntique_.