What type is this ? (Vintage french magazine 1976)


Anybody knows this font right below the pictures? It looks like the standard univers but somehow different. Perhaps some french version of univers? Thank you!


Too small to identify

What Bob said.
Given the date, it could have been done using an IBM Selectric typewriter, which had its own proprietary fonts that were similar but not identical to "real" fonts. In the era before personal computers, low-budget alternative publications often used the IBM Selectric because it was a cheap alternative to commercial typesetting. The headline at the top of the page was clearly produced using a typewriter, which is why I suspect the Selectric for the text that is too small to identify.

The IBM Electronic Selectric Composer was introduced in 1975 and was able to produce very nice text for the time. It had a number of fonts and one was a nice sans, as I remember, that looked good with Transfer-Letter Helvetica heads. Some of those Composer type faces have pictures on the web somewhere.

Good idea Victor. We are fortunate that Luc Devroye has a page on IBM Selectric and Selectric II Type Fonts http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-44934.html There were quite a few more, even including an excellent simplified version of Engravers Old English. But the most likely possible candidates for this image are mentioned in Luc Devroye's page, i.e.: _Adjutant_, _Advocate_, _Delegate_, _Bookface72_, _Delegate_ [no image, but a specimen I have seen looks similar to Prestige but seems to have a higher x-height and a more stylish design], _Elite72_, _Orator_, _Pica72_, _Prestigeelite_, and _Presigepica72_. Unfortunately, most are not digitized, and those digitized are likely to have been revised from the original monospace letter forms to proportional ones with a wider _m_ and _w_ etc.
Should try and compile a list of the digital versions.
For example, Prestige is Alix by Matthew Butterick for Font Bureau. http://www.fontbureau.com/fonts/AlixFB/ This might work for your image.

As I remember the Composer had a limited memory and could set justifed text. I produced a number of publications using it's output and the guy we had running it got very good at making nice looking almost typeset output.

Yes there were some high-end typewriters back then that could do proportional spacing. Very top end. See http://typophile.com/node/54521

Thanks a lot guys for your help!! Really interesting stuff you're talking about!
As for the font below the pictures: you can use the magnifying glass to make it bigger. This one looks quite similiar: http://www.linotype.com/de/617021/BasicCommercialSoftRoundedProBlack-pro...