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1994 Foo Fighters Demo Cassette

Wide Latin, Courier New
Solved by: 
Johan Palme

Wondering what font this is, Lucida Console gets me close but I'm trying to replicate the Cassette insert.

Also, where it says Foo Fighters is a font that I think I've seen but don't remember, I need to do some more digging on my own for this one, but if someone can identify it easily that'd be great. Assuming the small text on this one is simply Sans, if I'm wrong feel free to correct.

Thanks in advance.


FOO FIGHTERS is Latin wide http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/latin/

Thanks very much.

The other two are Courier New and Arial.

MS Windows and/or Office used to include both, and Wide Latin as well.

Thanks so much, right under my nose.