compressed sans

Helvetica Inserat
Solved by: 
Donald H. Tucker

Hi everyone,

I thought this would be easy but... Any idea about this nice compressed font?
Thanks! and sorry for the blurry youtube image


As you note the image is blurry, so I can't say 100% Might be Helvetica Inserat designed in 1966.

Concur with Don on Helvetica Inserat to be closest one for this time period and even if it looks a bit different to me and I'm not talking about the collateral damage of the all-around blur.
Depending on what you need, I'd probably suggest to switch for Chalet Comprimé.

Thank you Don and Ryuk,
I agree with you both that is doesnt look exactly like Helvetica Inserat, so the case is still mysterious, but thanks a lot Ryuk for suggesting Chalet Comprimé. "Hong Kong 1960" works absolutely right for me.