Romany? Jugenstil? What is the real name...?


I've been trying to identify the foundry this came from for over a year, to no avail. I originally found it in one of Solo's catalogs under the name Romany. The same catalog also shows it in condensed form as Jugenstil. I have a photo, probably from eBay, of about a half-dozen letters of the same font, but it isn't named. At the least the photo does prove it was of metal origin but all the source material I can access doesn't show it.

I'm guessing it to be circa 1920-30 or so, although given what Solo collected it could be much older. Anyone's help would be appreciated.


If you are looking to find the complete alphabet, this is shown in the Art Nouveau Display Alphabets book by Dan Solo, published by Dover. They never tell you the foundry. I think this is earlier than you suspect, and is probably 19th century if Solo groups it in Art Nouveau.

It is not in the Dover book "Treasury of Authentic Art Nouveau Alphabets" by Petzendorfer, which would have named the foundry.

If you need a scan of the alphabet, I can make one for you.

- Mike Yanega

Dan X. Solo's fonts in his big catalog are indexed by the "Solopedia" which includes any known alternate names for the ones that he used. the fonts _Romany_ or _Jugenstil_ are included, but there is no information as to original names or digital versions.
Based on style features, such as the tilde shaped center bar on E and the lazy a, I date them to the decade before the Great War of 1914-1918.

Hi Mike, I don't have a copy of "Treasury of Authentic Art Nouveau Alphabets." I would love to see a good quality scan of the _Romany_ or _Jugenstil_ alphabet.

@Mike, thanks for the offer of the scan, but I have the complete alphabet. I discovered the font was also released by an unknown 2" film-font company pre-1990, so I have it from a local company's old specimen book.

I think, but cannot be certain, that I have seen the font in another of the old film-font books. What I was most surprised to discover is that Photo-Lettering Inc. did not show it in their vast collection from the 70s. It is a nice display face.

Someday I hope its history will turn up.

Hi Don, this was not in the Petzendorfer book, but it is shown in the other Dover book by Dan Solo that I mentioned. Send me an e-mail using our Typophile contact links and I will send you a scan from that book.

- Mike Yanega