Monogram style like font

Monogram Caps, No 530 by Edwin C. Ruthven, 1873
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Donald H. Tucker

Does anyone know of a font similar with this? The name of the font appears on the top of the scan together with the foundry name and the year but I haven't seen anything like this digitized. I think it looks wonderful and I was wondering how the rest of the letters of the alphabet look like. So please, if anyone has some examples similar with this it would be great! Thank you in advance.


Far from matching but I like Alt Gotisch Einfach and Eccles.

Funny but when I saw them it kind of reminded me of the scan I have uploaded. Thaks

I have found two more letters.

This is what the rest of your upper case looks like, an enhanced image from the patent of 1873

An emaciated Alt Gotisch! The punch-out circles are open to the outside, in the same manner as alt Gotisch.
This spindly Gothic would be a great font to recreate for Halloween.

Your image is from the Loy book on 19th century american punch cutters, so I expect that you noted that the typeface was cut by Edwin C. Ruthven.

Better quality pix of some caps extracted from an old Bruce specimen book


Hey Don, I have no words to thank you for all this. Truly! And I really appreciate all the effort you put into uploading the specimen. I love this font! I hope to be able to recreate it, especially now that I know how some of the letters look like. I was having trouble imagining how the letters X, K, and Y would look like. And yes, the typeface was cut by Edwin Ruthven from the Loy's book. Thank you again!


Happy to have been of some help Stefan. My experience in making this type of font is that it works well if you get the basic letter forms right before doing the punch outs and additions such as balls attached by tendrils, or mustache split ends. Good luck with your project.

Thank you Don, good idea. And the scans are definitely a huge help.


4 more ones for you: Sajou Fancy Gothic digitized by Toto, Menina Carinhosa, Budding Monogram and Diamant Monogram

Thanks Ryuk, Sajou Fancy Gothic is really close to the font in my scan.