Serif font I have a blasted picture of... (sorry for the poor description)


I'm terrible at trying to give an educated description for this font, or where it may have been found (if ever) in any media. I do happen to have this blasted picture of a sign it's on though... I just can't figure out what font it is :(

I know making a statement that it's a "serif type font" is asinine, So I'm going to say it's a "tall serif font of sorts with tall pointy skinny capital letters in most parts, and a big rounded capital "R" with a very short tail coming off of the "R". hhahahhaha. Wait for it.... Let the disappointment sink in...please accept my deepest apologies that this font didn't immediately pop in your head based off of my lack of a description.

I've been up all night failing miserably at all of the "identifying font websites" and font sites in general because I'm well, stubborn and tried really really really hard to figure it out on my own.... Please for the love, if someone knows what font this is, I would love you forever for figuring it out! My eyes are about ready to roll out of my head if I don't sleep, thanks in advance so so much!


It’s a fairly common typeface called University. It’s not free, but you can probably find some affordable version on MyFonts. Good luck!

You evil genius! Thank you so so much for your wonderful help! I will see where I can purchase the font!