Mid century restaurant carriage Norwegian railroad



Reidar, dette er antageligvis ikke en font.

Morna, du har sikkert rett og det er mulig dette skiltet er kommet til i etterkant og at det faktisk er custom, hadde håpet at det var en font – jeg fortsetter å lete litt.

I don't read Norwegian but still thinking the same as Frode. Not a font, should be a custom signage. Having a look to Jeff Levine collection may worth a shot.

Vafle looks not so far actually. With some little tweaking you could get pretty close mainly lowering /A crossbar and reworking /R leg starting from /P or borrowing it from Idealista, another Suitcase.

Thanks mate, yeah I had was hoping that this wasn't a custom job and that the typeface was out there somewhere, but Frode is probably right. I'm guessing that the company producing these carriages would have made more than this one off signage, I will keep researching. Thanks for your suggestions, there are a few pretty close ones in Jeff Levines collection.. I was even toying with Linotypes Case Study nr 1, http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/case-study-no-one-lt/pro-medium/ but it still needs to be adjusted slightly... Cool, thanks again!

This is the actual carriage I am researching: http://digitaltmuseum.no/things/restaurantvogn/NJB/JM003542/gallery?name...

They probably did make more than one-off signs, but instead of a typeface (which at this time was not readily reproducible at this scale), they would have used technical drawings specifying the individual letters. This sort of thing. Traffic signs, street signs, etc. would then be lettered according to these exacting specifications. (By "draughtsmen", vet inte vad det kan tänkas heta på Norska.) So what I would do is to look at the archive of the Norwegian railroads for a source.

Edit: Put in a better version of a technical specification

Ah yes, good point. Of the things I have managed to get my hands on from the 'Norsk Jernbanemusem' archives all have different typographic treatment, see image. I might have to settle with something that looks similar, preferably from the same era for this job, time is of the essence :) Cheers Birdseeding! (Oh, and your link did not work, or? Goes to Create Wiki)..

Yeah, sorry, typophile has real difficulty with https:// links. Work better?

Maybe our Telefon is a suitable alternative? It’s not a revival of any particular style, but an amalgamation of the interbellum types, shop lettering, signage, posters &c found scattered around Scandinavia.

Btw: The last three lines are Futura, I think. And the one above might be one of the many predecessors of Akzidenz Grotesk and Helvetica.