Sans Font -- Not Lucida Sans and Sans Pro-- Any Help is appreciated !!!


Hello Everyone,

Please advice which font is this.
Thank you in anticipation.

Hasnain Munawar


Looks like Albertus to me.

Thanks Ryuk.

Your Suggestion is always spot on. This is matching upto 92% only problem is that "the letter "" t "" is different".

I have looked at Gill Sans, Stag Sans, Gill Sans MT but no luck.

also you can visit ""

to help further.

Thanks Again.

Don't want to sound stubborn or offending but sorry to say but at this size, I don't see any difference with Albertus, /t included.
But if it matches up to 92%, that should let you only 8% to tweak ;)

Seconding Ryuk's choice of Albertus. However - the logo you've shown us, Hasnain, is not the same as the logo at the link you gave. Different fonts. So ... which are you after?

That's what is giving to me by customer.

Now I am scratching my head too.

Can you advice the second font and I see how the things go, otherwise I will use the font which matches exactly, and rest will be adjusted manually on the machine.

and thanks for putting your time into this.

Ryuk: not offended at all by your comment. I find you the most honest in that case, Thanks.