Something similar...please


Hi, would any Typophilees recommend a font which is similar to the one in jpeg attachment?
..the only problem is it would have to support Cyrillic! Any thoughts...



It’s similar to President by Adrian Frutiger, but I don’t know fonts which are similar to it and support Cyrillic.

Adrian Frutiger designed President -- already identified by akira1975 -- for Deberny & Peignot in 1954. It is the closest match. and
Three years later he designed the very similar font, Merdien -- the main difference is the leg on the R -- for Deberny & Peignot. Sold under this name by Linotype and Adobe A silgntly revised version is Akira Kobayashi's Frutiger Serif Pro
In 1964 Adrian Frutiger designed the very similar Apollo for Monotype. This is the first new type face designed specifically for Monophoto filmsetters. and
This letter design originated with the 19th century fonts known as Lightface Celtic.
Searching Cyrillic font sources with any of these five names might turn up a Cyrillic version.

There is a digital version of Lightface Celtic by Jessica Hische with the name Brioche Perhaps somebody has done a Cyrillic version.

Bitstream has a version of Meriden called Latin725. The name "Latin" is explained by the wedge shaped serifs found on all of the fonts mentioned here. There might be a Cyrillic version.