This is a longshot, but here goes

Hey folks,

This is probably not even possible, but I'm trying as a last resort. A client doesn't have a vector of their logo and I'm trying to match up the TM in their logo. I've managed to figure out/match up all other fonts but this. I know this isn't much to go on, but I cannot seem to find anything that's close to this. Any ideas at all, besides 'just use whatever' :)

Thanks so much!


To me, Arial Black (with some negative tracking) looks very close.

By the way: You posted this question on the old Type ID board (where I just saw it by chance). Next time, you should rather ask here, on the new board.

Thank you so much. I had thought arial, but didn't have black, and figured it wasn't it anyway. Should have went with my gut on that one...thank you again. And I will definitely bookmark the new board!!!

Glad to help! And see you next time on the new board.