As I know as a complete typography beginner, it's a linear, sans serif Grotesk font type. But that's all I can say for the moment.


Anyone with an idea of what this type might be called?


Does your sample has something to do with Japan or Japanese fonts?
I'm saying this because -strangely enough- the only glyphs I have found to look close enough to your sample, belong to the roman (latin) counterpart of some Japanese fonts.
Look at the image bellow.

#1 is your sample

#2 is the Latin counterpart of many Medium Bold font families starting with "A-OTF xxx" by Japan foundry Morisawa & Company LTD
A-OTF ZenGoN Std (Medium Bold)
A-OTF WanpakuGN Std (Medium Bold)
A-OTF TypelaboN Std (Medium Bold)
A-OTF Shin Go Pro (M Medium Bold)

#3 is the Latin counterpart of FOT-NewRodin Pro (DB) by "Fontworks Japan" foundry