Poster font


Which font is this?


Looks to me like various weights of David Berlow’s Titling Gothic (including Skyline Bold, Compressed Bold and Compressed Medium).

Closest I found was David Berlow’s Titling Gothic Compressed Bold but that's still not 100%.

I don’t see any differences (except for spacing).

Closer to big title when compressed to 90%


On closer examination, I would go with Titling Gothic Skyline Bold -- as suggested by R -- for the top line and the date, and Titling Gothic Compressed Bold edited to be further compressed to 90% for the big letters in the second line. As shown in my previous post.

As I said before, I can’t see any differences between the letters used on the poster and the weights I mentioned above (and one additional weight):
– Wide Regular or Medium for ‘FBI PROUDLY PRESENTS’
– Skyline Bold for ‘ANDERS FJELSTED etc.’/‘COMEDY ZOO’/‘JUNI 2014’
– Compressed Bold for ‘VOKSEN’
– Compressed Medium for ‘FJELLE SOLO PÅ’/‘10. + 12. + 13. + 14.’

The spacing has been tightened for all texts, but an overlay of the letters on the poster with the ones from the FontShop preview shows that they perfectly coincide.