Little White Lies title font


This was used in Little White Lies issue 50, whatthefont doesn't have a clue. Could it be a custom shadow?


There was an older font called http://Graphik Shadow by Image Club Graphics [1992] but I don't think it's available now.
There is also GraphiteShadow by SoftMaker Software [1995] but the name and the date suggest this is a plagiarism (SoftMaker is famous for that).
If you expand a little one of the above you will be very close (they have the shadow).

You can also start with http://Nesobrite (Condensed) by Ray Larabie [Typodermic, 2007] and add the shadow- I think you will be close enough.

Thanks, the Graphik/Graphite Shadow look like a good compromise. Although they are missing the slight rounding on the characters (specifically noticeable on the "A") that makes the original look that much softer.

I'd still like to find out what the original is without the shadow

Whatthefont suggests:

but none have either the rounded edges or squared bowls