Circa 1983 Business Card Font

Goudy Swash and Americana

Sorry for double-posting this, but I'm looking to identify this font that my friend's mom had printed on these business cards. Thanks in advance for any help!


Everything but the top line is Americana...

Thank you! One more and we're there!

Goudy Italic and Goudy Swash for the top, I believe. The weight looks in between the weights offered by the sample below, you may want to look around. It also could be due to this being desktop/digital.

Thank you! I see that the "U" being used for the "V" definitely threw me.

I second Joe's diagnosis - but note that the swash 'U' was used rather than the 'V'. That definitely works.

I live only a few miles away from Vashon. I hit it as a ferry stop on the way to Fontleroy often, but haven't explored the island itself for years. I'll have to remedy that soon ...

Thanks Mike. Vashon sucks now. Bad. The yuppies have ruined it.

It won't let me put more than one name for who solved this. Who should I put in there?

I didn't even notice that the V was actually the U from the font, I thought it was an alt character. Interesting

Joe solved it, PfionaBW.

I guess I'll stay on the ferry and remember Vashon the way I last saw it.