Decorative initial


Looking to identify the M for a friend.

link to image. sorry, posting from mobile


It appears to be (very nice) artwork based upon an old typeface digitized by Lime as Extra Ornamental No. 2. As such, I don't think a font was directly used.

This appears in the Solotype Catalog (metal, wood and photo type) as Tuscan Floral.

Good find Mike. Looks like a 19th century design by Caslon circa 1854 -- as seen in Gray's _19th Century Ornamented Typefaces_. Later sold in the U.S. by James Conner's & Sons.

For anyone wishing to do a high quality recreation of the font I recommend the reproduction in F.W. Lambert's _Letter Forms (1964)_ of the full alphabet of Extra Ornamented No.2 as produced by Stevens Shanks circa 1900. Here is the _M_


Extra Ornamental No2 by House of Lime