Upholstery font


I am curious to identify this font which I've found in a book on upholstery.

The book is called 'Upholstery A Step-by-Step Guide' by Jeanne Argent (Hamlyn Publishing Group, 1974 - ISBN 0600381196). The font is used for chapter titles throughout the book - the attached image is an example of its use.


At first this heavy thick and thin with a circa 1900 feel reminded me of John F. Cumming's Binner Poster of 1898 http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Binner+Poster&q=Go but it's quite different. Perhaps one of the photo-lettering era designers?
Still looking.

I just went through the whole 1980 VGC catalog and it wasn't in there. (most earlier VGC fonts would still have been in there).

I went through the 1976 VGC catalog and it is not in it either - it sure looks like photo-type but can't find it yet. Also did 70's Letraset and Chartpak catalogs.

Thanks very much. Is it useful if I scan another heading with other letter combinations?

Yes, it would be useful if you scan more. Look forward to seeing whatever you can post, if possible including earmark letters like G & Q. Space here is free so there is no limit on how many you scan :)

The font may have been derived from a circa 1900 ATF typeface Florintine Bold Extra Condensed

Source American Typefounders/Daystrom specimen book 1906.

Good find Don - ATF Florintine Bold Condensed also looks good as a possible starting point. URW/SoftMaker has a digital font called Florintine that has some glyphs that relate but not all.

Hi, Please see below

The _f_ shouts "I'm from about 1900!"
The search continues.