19th century typeface similar to Penelope

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Nick Curtis

This was taken from a flyer advertising a convention of the Texas Equal Rights Association in 1894. Please see the request I posted a few minutes ago for the full flyer. (I'm trying to save on storage space used.)


It's called Renaissant. I don't know if anyone else has digitized it, but I will be releasing my version of same in the next two or three weeks.

It's also similar to Ringlet by MacKellar, Smiths, and Jordan. A font I can buy that displays well on the web would be nice.

What a funny coincidence. I'll be looking for it.

Note to self: from Dickinson Type Foundry.

Thanks for your answer.

Here's a sample of my font...

Look forward Nick, to your new font. In the interim here is the full alphabet from an old specimen

Thanks, Don and Nick, for your work.

I'm a typeface ignoramus, so ignore me if it's appropriate, but what prompted your change to the lowercase 'o'? Did the inner curly thing not display well at smaller sizes? Just curious.

donshottype explained a likely reason for the variations in http://typophile.com/node/116721.

what prompted your change to the lowercase 'o'?

I followed the sample that I worked from, which is different from your sample.

Renaissant has been digitized by Octopi. See http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/octopi/ressonant/.