very old font


hello.. i'm looking for the name of this one..

im not sure they are the same...

in the second image is the one at the bottom.. (residence and store awnings)

the "A" has a flat top, and some of the middle lines are diagonal.. ("e" "a" and "r")

i hope you can help me with this!!!

thanks everybody


Your ad was probably printed at some time between 1889 and 1920. _First class_ and _R.J Laggren_ are in Unique Celtic, a font produced by W. Jackson for ATF in 1889. The broad top A -- us used for example in Grant Antique/Sheridan Gothic -- and diagonals were popular around 1900. Still looking.

i hope you can help me!


No luck so far, but here is a substitute that has the angled cross strokes, Charcuterie Block Patch the angled cross strokes from this to a sans with letters with a compatible width/height/weight to the Victorian sans, perhaps PT Reforma Grotesk which is based on very similar proportions of a Grotesk of the era. Widen the top on the _A_, clip the spur on _G_, and you have a passable substitute.
An alternative is Monopol which is not as close, but has more weights.
BTW note that there are minor differences between your two images. Note particularly that the cross stroke on G slopes in the image of the bold version but in the lighter weight