Standard Serif Fonts and Handwritten Calligraphic Font


Thanks for your wisdom in advance.

I am wondering what these three fonts are. There is a standard serif font in red and a display font in white (has tiny horizontal lines in the heavy areas of the letters).

Also, there is a handwritten font in white-any thoughts? I know that the bride found this as a it is somewhere.



The white display must be http://Chevalier Stripes available from URW++, Linotype

The red one is too small and blurry for me... it could be Times New Roman Bold but /T looks different...
It could really help if you post a better (larger and not so blurry) picture of this one.

The serif typeface in red looks like Mrs Eaves and the script typeface is Peoni Pro.

For the white display an alternative is Chevalier LP designed by Garrett Boge in 1988.

Chevalier was designed by Emil Alfred Neukomm for Haas'sche Schriftgiesserei in Münchenstein, Switzerland in 1946. Named after the French actor Maurice Chevalier. Softmaker cloned it as Maurice. Legitimate versions, as cited above, by Linotype, Letter Perfect and URW +++. There was also a Berthold version, which seems not to be currently available.

Thank you all so very much! this is incredibly helpful.