Similiar font ot DIN with 'G' stem



I am in search of the following font. It looks a lot like DIN but the 'S' and especially the 'G' look pretty different.

DINCondensed comes pretty close too but the stem and the shape of the G doesn't look correct to me.

Does anyone else have an idea?

Thanks in advance!

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You can try to manually compress a http://Knockout #31 but I see that you have 2 different /E's on your samples.
Are you sure that all samples are using the same font?


thanks for your input. Actually, I have just realised that the 'E' is different. I am only assuming that the fonts are the same. Atleast the first part 'D-AG' looks pretty much the same.

Knockout #31 is a good start and I haven't come across that font yet. But the shape of the spur on the 'Q' and 'G' are not correct in my eyes. Is there a font which atleast has got a similiar 'G' spur?

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