"Lichtspielhaus" is a ultra condensed Lichtspiele Spin-Off with 8 weights. It still transports you back to a time where neon lights and marquee letters decorated cinema facades.

There are 8 styles: Hairline, Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black and Heavy.

"Lichtspielhaus" is the first part of a new Type Noir Quadrilogy.

You can get it here if you like it:
Lichtspielhaus at Myfonts
or Lichtspielhaus3D.com

(80% OFF for a limited time)

Special-K's picture

Do you think the "F" bombs will deter people from purchsing?

Typocalypse-Now's picture

I hope not! It was not the intention to offend someone, but as they are cult movie quotes and the font is inspired by the early cinema days, it should be reasonable. Maybe adding some quotes without the "F", that could be a solution :) But thanks for the hint

hrant's picture

Profanity is a bad idea.


Theunis de Jong's picture

That particular movie does not reflect the targeted time period :)

Other than that, I like it. Nice work on the heavy "N", making it ever so slightly less "massive" through the use of the exaggerated intrusions.

Typocalypse-Now's picture

@Theunis de Jong: True :) aaaand thanks!
@Special-K & hrant: Thanks for your hints, the "F"-Bombs are now removed/replaced :)

Catharsis's picture

Nice font!

I agree the marketing material is better without the f-word. It should say "sheep", though, not "sheeps". ;o)

hrant's picture

They're clones.


Typocalypse-Now's picture

hahaha! Yeah..euuh..of course they’re clones! Thanks :)

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