I'm looking for a font that looks like this one (the bagel one in neon light) and I kinda need it for tomorrow morning ! If someone knows what's that font and where I can get it for free, you would save my life and my final grade !!


This Art Deco style sign looks like ITC Bauhaus, with a modified initial B
This is based on the Universal typeface designed by Herbert Bayer of the Bauhaus School in Dessau, Germany in 1925. Ed Benguiat and Vic Caruso redrew the typeface in 1975.

The typeface is the original Uptight Neon (Jack L Deskin, 1971) as seen in the 1980 VGC catalog (phototype). Later, ITC released it as a font and my copy came bundled with CorelDraw software years ago (legit and co-copyrighted ITC/Corel).

The thing is, the ITC version differed from the original. Here is the ITC version and here can be seen a portion of the original - with your B and e.

I know of no digital versions of the original.

Inadvertent duplicate.

Thanks for the info Mike. I checked the fonts from my old Corel 8 and found the 1992 version. It would not be a major problem to edit some letters in the ITC/Corel font to match Jack Deskin's original.
NOTE: This post edited after I found Claude Pelltier's version -- see later post. I have deleted from this post the discussion of possible edits.

Questions answered. I found the full character set of Jack Deskin's original in the Letraset Catalog for 1985. I guessed right on some, wrong on others.

No need to edit. Claude Pelletier created a digital revival of Uptight C in 2010
Claude said he redrew it with Autocad.
p.s. Charset is an edited copy of one found on Luc Devroye's Claude Pelletier webpage