Slab-serif sign in Bellingham, WA


This sign has been painted alongside the road in Bellingham for at least 30 years, probably longer.

The closest match I can find is Rockwell Bold, though the Rockwell serifs are too large and the letters M and G are completely different.

Would love to know the correct typeface being used in the Bellingham sign.


I suggest that this is lettering is loosely based on the Clarendon style.
The weight of this specimen is slightly heavier than your letters but you can see the similar letterforms. Clip off the bottom spur of G and it looks very much like your letter G.
Shorten all the serifs. Clip the serifs on the center stroke of E. Add serifs to the top of A. Raise the crotch of M and make it pointed. Compress width to match your letters.

Thanks Don!
I'm trying to decide which style (Clarendon or Rockwell) I would need to do less surgery on.
I'll need to raise the crossbar on the H in either case, as well as mess with the M.
Clarendon G is closer than Rockwell. (Clarendon = remove spur, Rockwell = extend serif AND counter plus other tweaking.)
Clarendon has more curvy fillets than I need, most noticeable in the L and E.
But it looks like this was probably freehanded back in the day, and doesn't match any typeface exactly.
Thanks for your help!
- Jennifer

You're welcome Jennifer. I like your choice of the Bellingham G for your Typophile logo. Stands out from the crowd.