Ultra black Futura-ish kind of font

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Donald H. Tucker

Does anyone know this font?
It's used on electronics around 1975 (Moog synthesizers)


Because it appears so wide I think it is Mkaputt Expanded by Manfred Klein


The age of photo distorted fonts.
First I cleaned up your image

Then I reduced the width to 50% -- so that the dot on the I is round not a wide oval
Now it looks more familiar.
Very similar to Futura Extra Bold, but the _e_ is different.

Other near misses available in 1975 Twentieth Century, Fute PL Book.

Now here is a font that fits the wide text exactly -- give or take some fuzziness in the image -- but was apparently designed almost three decades later
Dennis Ortiz-Lopez's OL London Black http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ortizlopez/ol-london/
Something to think about.

Wow!!! Thanks for the help Don!! :)))
I noticed the 'e' in Futura Extra Bold that's why I posted the picture here to identify the correct font!
You've made quite some work of it! :)
The unstretched version really looks like Futura although I like this 'e' more then the original...

Here's another picture of a different product of that time made by Moog:

Here I also like the lowercase 'g' more then in the Futura Extra Bold. The 'y' seems just a bit different too.
The rest seems to be similar when scaling the whole 50%.

The Ol London font is a nice find too!! Maybe I'll just go for that one!

Thanks Don!

I can't spot any difference between OL London and the your second image.
I suspect that OL might have based OL London on the same photo-lettering era font as was used by Moog. This is way too close for co-incidence.

Haha, it's quite a 'co-incidence'! Or maybe Dennis Ortiz-Lopez just likes Moog synths! ;)

I think this one is solved!

Thanks again!!

Keyboardist Ray Manzarek used a Moog synthesizer on Strange Days in 1967, first major Rock and Roll recording to feature a Moog synthesizer. http://moogfoundation.org/sonic-history-of-moog-instruments-early-record... More bands and artists that have used Moog synthesizers http://rateyourmusic.com/list/repete86/bands_artists_that_use_have_used_...
Great stuff!