German Script Circa 1940


Found the word _Grossdeutschland_ on the cover of a Military history of a German WWII army unit.

It might be taken from a uniform wordmark armband. As such, it's lettering. But is there a font similar to the lettering?
p.s. I replaced the image with a smaller one to make it easier to follow the script


I left the attachment at the original large scale.
The curve back on the ascender is a feature found, in modified form, on the _h_ for Troubadour and Wagner Script but "Grossdeutschland" is a much more cursive script. Troubadour dates from 1926 (Wagner & Schmidt). Some variations: Butterfly (Schriftguss), Donatello (Nebiolo), Hertha (Berling) [Info. from Jaspert's _Type Encyclopedia_.]
Any suggestions?