Help with an ornate font Please! :)


Sorry for the low quality image


Hard to say... Very blurry... The closest I have are Great Victorian and Oh You Kid.

That's it, thank you!!

Agree with Ryuk on the digital versions. The font was originally cut by Henry Schuenemann for Cleveland in about August 1890 and was sold as Euclid. Nick Curtis mentions the Central Typefoundry. This is also correct as Central and Cleveland often sold each others fonts.
Euclid would be the correct name to use for all the digital versions.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it

According to an article by Loy in the _Inland Printer_ April 1900 on Schuenemann, he worked for Central before Cleveland and while at Cleveland also cut some fonts for Central. Which may or may not clarify the Central vs. Cleveland origin of Euclid.
The fancy swash alternate capitals shown in the Dharma Type version are based on the original mortised alternate capitals cut by Schuenemann. They have also been independently digitized by Claude Pelletier as Euclid CP