Rebel 8 x Mishka "Death Adders"


Hi there,

Can anyone help me ID this font? And also tell me what style you would call this?



Already tried to answer on your previous post.

Hey Ryuk,

Thanks for that. Yeah, there's some weirdness going on with this forum.. When I made that first post, I looked under "My Posts" and it wasn't there... so I thought I hadn't posted it properly, so I posted it again. Turns out nothing new is appearing in My Posts.

Sorry for the double-up, and thanks for your answer. I think you're right - probably a customised Tuscan font. I was intrigued by the A and the E, so I thought it might be a certain other style.. they almost look Cyrillic to me.


No worry Nick, was pretty convinced it was a(nother) forum bug. Found your previous post clicking your nick second listed...