Rebel 8 x Mishka "Death Adders"


Hi there,

Can anyone help me ID this font? And also tell me what style you would call this?



Already tried to answer on your previous [[|post]].

Hey Ryuk,

Thanks for that. Yeah, there's some weirdness going on with this forum.. When I made that first post, I looked under "My Posts" and it wasn't there... so I thought I hadn't posted it properly, so I posted it again. Turns out nothing new is appearing in My Posts.

Sorry for the double-up, and thanks for your answer. I think you're right - probably a customised Tuscan font. I was intrigued by the A and the E, so I thought it might be a certain other style.. they almost look Cyrillic to me.


No worry Nick, was pretty convinced it was a(nother) forum bug. Found your previous post clicking your nick second listed...