1979/1980 Subtitle Font


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This might be a bit of a toughy, since it's so old. This is from theatrical subtitles used on a movie from 1979. I'm actually working on the re-release of this movie, and we're including a restoration of these subtitles as an optional subtitle track so people can experience the movie the way it was first screened in America. While it's not 100% necessary to find the exact font, something really close to this would be nice for when we author the DVD to make it more authentic. So please don't hold back if you only have something similar but not exact!


Letterforms are similar to Times New Roman but for subtitles to work you should have a lower contrast and a thicker outline.
This is what Times NR would look like if it was made thicker by use of a parallel lines technique.

Or you could forget about matching the letter-forms with a font available in the early 1970s and look for a low contrast serifed font that would be thick enough to be easy to read on screen.

Georgia, designed by Mathew Carter, is about as close as Times New Roman and is lower contrast. It would work for the subtitles -- as shown in the top example -- and would be fairly easy to read if it was made thicker by use of a parallel lines technique -- as shown in the second example.