letterpress/wood type and distressed font


I am trying to ID two typefaces for a friend. See attached.
1) the word "FOUR" - looks like a wood type
2) the words "a play by..." - looks to be distressed
I believe that the word "sugar" is Chesterfield by Alan Meeks
Thanks for your help in advance,
Ryan M


The word FOUR looks like a distressed version of Abadi MT (Cond Extra Bold) (It could have been woodtype but I just think it is an effect)

"FOUR" looks like http://AxeHandel by S. John Ross [2013, Free for personal use]
(it has also the small "noise" dots)

I also confirm "sugars" as Chesterfield

Fivos, you is the man - I confirm that the noise in FOUR is right on for AxeHandel.

thanks again!

Good find Bob. I couldn't find anything closer. To me _WWW.STRAYDOGTHEATRE.ORG_ looks like the same font as _FOUR_ and differs from the images mainly in that it is thickened and roughened. I believe that someone has used Ong Chong Wah's design for Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold to make either a graphic or a derived font, which may turn up as a "free" font under another name.

Ha! After posting this I saw Fivos' post. Confirms my prediction! Even the Q is an identical letter-form. BTW, good find Fivos.