Government Font - OLD


on the Social Security Card - it's for a gag


Virtually a perfect match: Bernhard Standard Condensed, when you squish the height to somewhere between 60% and 50% as shown in the second and third rows of the sample:

Don, you beat me to it. This is Bernhard Bold Condensed, with the horizontal scale expanded to 200%.

Victor, I know the feeling!
You produced the same answer independently, which confirms your font detective skills.
The US Social Security card has had various forms of lettering for the wordmark since the 1930s. The designer of this incarnation might have thought that this would look unique and nobody would connect it with Bernhard Bold Condensed. BTW, I don't know whether Lucien Bernhard was involved in making Bernhard Bold Condensed by Monotype Design Studio, aka Bernhard Antiqua Schmalfette, when published by Bauer Type Foundry.