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Bitstream Li'l Bits Font Packs

I have been busy compiling the following list for historical purposes.
However, I am missing information particular to the "Looney Tunes 1 Font Pack, which I have preceded with a bullet •. The complete list of fonts in that pack, and, if you have the original box, a scan of the front and back would be extremely helpful. Thanks!!

Bitstream Li'l Bits Novelty Font Pack Font Lists


Star Trek (Horizon)
Star Trek Film (Galaxy)
Star Trek Pi
Starfleet Bold Extended (Millennium Bold Extended)
Venetian 301 (Centaur)
Square 721 Condensed (Eurostile)

StarTrek Next (Sonic Cut Thru)
StarTrek Gen (Sonic Extra Bold)
StarTrek Next Pi
Crillee Italic [A Letraset Font]
Swiss 911 Ultra Compressed (Helvetica Ultra Compressed)
Transitional 521 (Electra)


Jetsons - [With Characters]
Jets Black (Sprocket) - [No characters]
Jets Original (Sprocket Deluxe) - [Official Series Typeface]
Goemetric 231 (Kabel)
Egyptian 505 Light (Egyptios Light)
Bitstream Amerigo


Bedrock (Stone Age)
Bitstream Cooper Light
Swiss 721 (Helvetica) Light


Looney Tunes [With characters]
Looney Tunes Tilt (Alphabet Soup)
Incised 901 Bold (Antique Olive Bold) - [No characters]
• Font used in the Sylvester Logo
• Font used in the Elmer Fudd Logo
• Unknown Font


Holiday Pi
Cloister Black
Shelley Allegro (Shelly Scripts Vivace)
Freeform 721 (Auriol)

The font names in parenthesis ( ) are the more familiar Linotype names for the fonts or Bitstream renaming.
The items in brackets [ ] are merely comments.

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You have one name backwards. Egyptian 505 Light is the original Linotype name, not Egyptios Light.

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You are quite correct.
Thanks, George!

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Front of Box - from an AD inside Jetsons box that arrived today.
I am still trying to find more information about this pack.

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Continued Loonacy (Spelling Intentional)

Here is my best guess as to which fonts are missing from the Looney Tunes Font Pack font list, based on the samples shown in the image I uploaded, and fonts supplied in other packs:

• Incised 901 Bold (Antique Olive Bold),
(mixed with "Looney Tunes") for "Employee" etc.,

Also, this font is a match for the letterforms used in the Looney Tunes font, and could possibly have been renamed to Looney Bold for the font pack.

From the scanned image, I believe I see:

• Freehand 471 (Cascade Script)

for "Awards Banquet" (partially shown title),

and (this was difficult to make out at such a low resolution):

• Aachen

(all in caps with spaces between each letter) for "Fax Transmittal".

• This leaves one font missing from this list, as a 1993 Bitstream press release indicates that there are six fonts in this pack.

If anyone knows if this is correct or not, please let me know.

Scans of the user guide would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. At least: the front cover, the pages from "Let's Get Started" thru "Selecting a Point Size" and the back of the box, especially.

I have been searching for some time and can find very little mention of the Looney Tunes 1 Font Pack online. It was practically miraculous that I was able to purchase a copy online of the Jetsons Font Pack, which had an AD flyer inside that had a tiny photo of the Looney Tunes box front.

A few mysteries remain (if I am thus far correct):
Which font was considered as used in the "Sylvester Logo"?
Which font was considered as used in the "Elmer Fudd Logo"?
Are one of those two the missing font?

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Joined: 30 May 2014 - 2:17pm

I would like to re-iterate my plea for information regarding the "Looney Tunes 1 Font Pack" made by Bitstream,, Inc. in the early '90s.

If anyone out there can add to the information I have already gathered, please post it here.

If you know a former Bitstream employee,
perhaps you can see if they are able to help.

An alternative solution would be possible if someone has this pack:
A scan of the back of the box would be extremely helpful.
A scan of certain parts of the user guide would complete my task.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.