Vintage Phillips 66 logo font


This logo font is from Phillips 66, circa 1945. Anyone know what Typeface this is?

Thanks for any leads!


At that time, logos were often drawn to order by lettering artists, and I think your example was done that way. The stroke weight and the shape of the serifs (the flat ones, not the curved ones) makes me think the artist was influenced by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue's Cheltenham, introduced in the early 1900s and still popular in the 1940s.

Yes, Cheltenham is a good possible source for the flat serifs. Other possibilities include Bernard Condensed MT

As for the rounded bottoms you can see something similar in Kari

To duplicate the rounded bottoms one could take a font like ITC Clearface Bold Italic and slant the letters left by 18 degrees.

A good starting point for creating the Phillips letters.
BTW the top terminal on _l_ can be used for the other letters if the angled peak is clipped to make it horizontal.

Don, that's a great idea to backslant an italic. I wouldn't have thought of someone doing that in the pre-digital era, but of course there was an analog tool--the pantograph--that type designers and others used for scaling and slanting letterforms.

Thank you Victor.
I never underestimate the techniques of predigital designers. In addition to the pantograph -- used in type design since the 19th century -- photo lettering methods were developed at least as far back as 1936, the date Photo-Lettering, Inc. was founded. By 1945 photo lettering techniques or custom results from a photo lettering firm, would have been available to leading logo designers. It may have been an assist in developing some features of the Phillips logo, but I agree with your original assessment that it would most likely have been drawn by hand.

Nothing new here but here are some I came across during my search: Cacao, Polyspring, Memorial, Phaeton, Ultramarina, Euphorigenic, Thalia, Ayres