SpaceX Dragon 2 Space Ship Interface Font


Please have a look at this futuristic high res of a SpaceX Dragon 2 space ships interface - a real space craft:

I am looking for the font in the LCDs. There maybe more than one font in use any help on any of the fonts would be great as I am trying to recreate the interface as a personal project.

I am specifically looking for the number font that says "13:46:12". No font I looked at has the elongated 6 or the : in the right place. Closests I found was Alternate Gothic No 2 ... but its not that. I feel like all of the numbers are in this font.

Thank you for any help!


image link does not seem to work?

Thank you for digesting the font!

Unfortunately no luck so far in finding the numbers. The numbers in Titling Gothic Condensed could be edited to duplicate these numbers. The link to similar fonts shows some alternatives.

After searching through all "gothic" fonts. And after searching through all fonts in general I think I found it. Today felt like look at all the fonts day! I think it is Scout Condensed Light.

I feel like the glow and focus blur of the interface is making it bolder than it actually is. Its not quite Scout Condensed Regular.

I also feel the rest of the text is written in combination of regular and condensed Scout.

Thank you Don for your help!

You're welcome & congratulations on the find.