Please help identify this font!


I'am not sure if the numbers and letters are the same font type.


With the exception of the "G" it looks like it should be Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20. The "G" has me stumped though...

By the way, what the text in the image you posted says helps me understand why Lakewood, Ca. was voted the most boring place to live in California--seriously, it was...

Yea but with $400,000 starter houses...

So true, but that's California for you.

The closest I found was Alternate Gothic No.2
The Q seems to match the image, unlike Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20, which has a tail that extends into the bowl, but the G has a spur like Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20. If you replace the G with a C and tack on the cross bar from G, you should have a font that could replicate the image.

No need to edit. I seem to have found it. Ryoichi Tsunekawa's Wearetrippin Display

http://Bebas free font, by the same designer Ryoichi Tsunekawa Bagel, also looks like an exact match

For the updated version of Bebas Neue
Bebas Neue looks like Wearetrippin Display but lacks a lower case.

I standardized the sizes of Wearetrippin Display and Bebas Neue and compared the outlines. They are almost but not 100% identical. At the scale of the image either would be an exact match.

All, note that the R in Bebas and Wearetrippin Display is the same as the one in the image, while the R in Bebas Neue is not.

Had not checked the R. You are right, Bebas Neue has a different R. On balance I would go with Wearetrippin Display.