This may be some type of Old English but I'm not sure? Any suggestions?



Yes this is derived from Engravers Old English
I checked the home page of your supply store and find that _BORN~X~RAISED_ is a logo for a casual clothing company -- in the Los Angeles streetwear style -- and that it also uses similar letters for various slogans on its products. Presumably the company's designer simplified the Engravers Old English alphabet for it's product line, or used a existing simplified alphabet. Other companies, such as Nike have done the same thing with blackletter alphabets. AFAIK nothing digital is available for purchase by the public.
There are various other attempts to simplify the design including a typewriter typeface for the IBM Selectric designed in the 1970s

which has some similarity to the letters.

I knew I had seen the _BORN~X~RAISED_ letters before.
The letters are very similar to iron on lettering from a craft store, Hobby Lobby which are made by "Joy - Letter Shop. See
So if you want a name for this font you could call it Joy Old English.

I assembled an alphabet from the Joy - Letter Shop iron on letters

Some letters. such a _B_, _R_, _N_, _X_, _S_ and _E_ are essentially identical. Others such as _A_ have one or two different features.