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Typography and (digital) InkJet printing

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Joined: 1 Jul 2013 - 12:05pm
Typography and (digital) InkJet printing

As a designer I’m nowadays more and more involved with inkjet technology, for short-run digital book and journal printing. Having fine-tuned my (typographic) design choices with trial and error, I want to hear what other professionals in the field are thinking about this. I inspected type quality in terms of color, outline and overall readability, and most typefaces used in classic offset print don’t give the same result in digital print.
Typefaces are now revisited and optimized for web/screen, but are typefaces optimized for drop-on-demand print methods typically with a loss of fine details? Is there any research done on typography and these printing methods? If there are print experts and type designers interested to do this kind of research (in depth but on a small scale), feel free to contact me.