Tattoo font



It looks close to http://Windsong created for Bright Ideas Magazine

I think this answer doesn't match this image. There was another post with this title that did show a script tattoo design.

- Mike Yanega

Mike I agree it's not an exact match,
but if you look at the general style of /E /h /w /b /g you may agree that this is not a coincidence and the tattoo-artist has probably based on this font.

Fivos, here is the image I am seeing for this post.

- Mike Yanega

The title of the thread is "Tattoo font" right?
See bellow the image I'm seeing...
and the link is:

Very wierd. I'm seeing the same not-a-tattoo image as Mike. If I copy and paste your link, Fivos, I again get the image Mike is seeing.

Weird indeed...
Maybe this is an problem related to how Typophile server handles/stores images.
"image_155.jpg" (the last portion of link) is a very generic and common filename
and in some weird way it might have been (erroneously) re-used by the Typophile server.

Mike could you try to use the link on a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc) to check if you get the same result?
Another option could be to clear the cache of your current browser.

Yikes. I tried it in IE and got the proper tattoo image. Back to Chrome and it yields the correct image now.

The file name explanation would seem to make sense -- except that you'd think we'd see it often with image_1.jpg and such.