Lettera 22 advertisement by Giovanni Pintori


Hi, can anyone tell me what typeface is this one used by Giovanni Pintori in this advertisement for Lettera 22? Thank you !


Derek Italic from Monotype looks close enough.
There was also an http://AT Derek Italic from Adobe [1990] but it seems it's not available anymore.

More letters from the Lettera 22 manual in the same font

This is a pre-digital typeface based on Doric Italic, a design from Germany originally cut by John in Hambury [sic.] in 1892. During the 1960s and 1970s -- the era of the Lettera 22 typewriter -- Stephenson Blake called the font _Doric 1 Italic_. Amsterdam called it _Old Gothic Bold_. Fonderie Typographique Française called it _Washington_. See font information in Jaspert's _The Encyclopedia of Typefaces [1970]_.
The font was released in the U.S. by American Typefounders Company in 1898. Here is the release specimen published by _The Inland Printer_:

Monotype says that Derek Italic is "Thought to have developed from a display face first listed in 1890" A very inadequate explanation of the fact that Derek Italic is in fact Doric Italic.