Sans Serif, has unique ampersand, unique uppercase Y



Have not spotted this yet, but a simlar ampersand is found in ITC Bauhaus a 1928 design by Herbert Bayer in 1925.

Thanks Don. I have never had this much difficulty identifying a font!

The ampersand looks like it's taken from http://Clearface Gothic Light

/Y could be custom lettering based on /V

For the rest letters the best I can find is http://Cosmos BQ (Light) by Berthold (probably a bit manually compressed)

Cosmos Light by Berthold is a good find Fivos.
Here are some more fonts with similar ampersands to the lettering Cleancut, Dexterous, Priori Sans, and Ahmed -- which is the same as Clearface Gothic but also includes an outline version.
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Today's trivia. Clearface Gothic is a Morris Fuller Benton design dating from 1910. The "reverse seven" ampersand is not shown as part of the font in specimen books that I have seen before the ATF specimen book of 1923. In my opinion creation of the "reverse seven" ampersand design probably dates to somewhere between 1910 and 1923.

Thank you Fivos! I think you are right on the money. So helpful, very appreciated!